The Kūaotunu Hall is fully subscribed for weddings from 1 February 2025 until 31 March 2025

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use candles if they are shielded by a glass surround?

No, naked flames are not permitted in the hall under any circumstances due to the risk of fire. LED candles may be used instead.

How do we access the hall on the day of our booking?

Upon payment of the hire fees (and any bond, if required) we will give you instructions for obtaining the key from the lockbox which is attached to the hall building.

If you are booking a frequently repeating event, we will issue you your own key (note that there is a $10 charge to cover the cost of this). 

Is WiFi available in the hall?

No, however it is possible to get strong mobile reception inside the hall.

Are there local cleaners who I could engage to clean the hall after my event?

The best way of getting in touch with a local cleaner is to advertise your requirement on Kūaotunu's local Facebook page, Kūaotunu Katchup

I want to hang lights etc around the ceiling, is this allowed?

There are hooks in the four corners of the ceiling which have been placed there for this purpose.

Can we use the kauri pews outside for our wedding?

We’re sorry but due to the age of the pews and their deteriorating condition, we no longer permit any of the hall’s furniture to be used outside.

Can we use thumb tacks in the outside door frame to put up lights etc to frame the door?

Yes this is OK, provided that you insert them carefully and remove them later.

Are there any restrictions regarding music and noise?

The Kūaotunu Hall is situated in a residential area, and therefore noise and music must be kept at a reasonable level, especially in the evening.

The storeroom door which opens to the back garden, and all the windows on the south side of the building (i.e. closest to the hillside) must be closed at 10pm to minimise the noise being carried up to the hall's neighbours.

Amplified music must cease at 12am (midnight).

Where can I dispose of our rubbish after our event?

The closest Refuse Transfer Station (RTS) is in Matarangi. You can see their opening hours and location here. Note that this RTS accepts the blue council rubbish bags 24 hours per day. These bags can be purchased from the Kūaotunu Store next to the hall or from one of the supermarkets in Whitianga.

If the hall is not booked on a particular date will my booking be automatically accepted?

No. As our hall is in a residential area, the Kūaotunu Hall Committee has a policy of not accepting more than two wedding or party bookings a month.

Please also note that the Hall Committee reserves the right to accept or decline any booking, and to be the final arbiter in all matters relating to the hireage of the hall and its furniture.

I am planning a wedding but wouldn't need the full time period. Is it possible to negotiate a cheaper rate for a reduced time period?

No, there is only one rate for weddings and this is not discounted.

I am hiring chairs, is there somewhere I can store the hall's chairs?

The Hall Committee is unable to offer alternative storage for its chairs (or any other furniture). We suggest you talk to the hire company as they will often take the hall furniture away and return it when they pick up the furniture that you hired.

Do I need a license to serve alcohol at my event?

Only if you wish to sell it. Otherwise you can supply the alcohol and give it to your guests for free, or you can ask guests to bring their own for their own consumption.   

Are dogs allowed in the hall?

Unfortunately not, due to the associated health and safety issues that could arise. Well-behaved dogs may however be present at an event held in the outside space at the back of the hall.

Are crockery and cutlery provided?

Yes, there is some crockery and cutlery, but it is a mismatched selection and may not meet your needs. See the Kitchen Inventory on the Hiring the Hall page.

Is smoking allowed in the hall?

No. As Kūaotunu Hall is an historic hall with wooden floors and walls, smoking is not permitted in the hall building. As mentioned above naked flames of any kind, including candles, are also not permitted.

What is the height from the top of the curtains to the floor?

Being an old building, the windows are not all at the same height. However the left window which faces the Kūaotunu Store (i.e. north) measures 3185mm from the floor to the top of the curtain rail, while the right window measures 3160 mm.

Are we able to use a brazier on the back lawn?

Unfortunately not. However electric BBQ's, spit roasts etc may be used outside.

Does the hall have a ladder?

Yes, there is a ladder in the back storeroom.

Can I put up a sign outside the hall to advertise my event?

You may display a sign outside the hall only while your event is in progress (special community-wide events may put signs up 2-3 days beforehand).

Note that event flyers and posters can be displayed on the community noticeboard across the road, simply place your notice into the red dropbox attached to this noticeboard a few days before you want it displayed.

Banners can be attached to the hall railings, as long as no screws are used or any other method that results in damage to the railings.


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