About the Kuaotunu Hall

A Long and Proud History

Officially known as the Kuaotunu Centennial Memorial Hall, the Kuaotunu Hall has a Category 2 listing with the NZ Historic Places Trust

The building that comprises the main part of the Hall was built circa 1896/1897 as an addition to the Kuaotunu School (which no longer exists).

This building was moved to its present site in 1940, and over the years has been extended and restored into the beautiful character building it is today.

The Kuaotunu Hall today
The Hall Today

The Kuaotunu Hall in Earlier Times
The Hall in Earlier Times

Kuaotunu Hall Committee Member and yoga teacher
Committee Member Jo Mullins (left) with yoga teacher Jose Kakebeeke

The Kuaotunu Hall Committee

The Kuaotunu Hall is managed by the Kuaotunu Hall Committee, which has been in existence since 1940 and is a registered charity.

The Committee is comprised solely of volunteers, and has the honour of being the custodian of the hall building and the land on which it sits, on behalf of the Thames-Coromandel District Council (TCDC) and the Kuaotunu community.

Current Committee Members

Carrie ParkerChairperson
Kathy Speirs
Jude WicksEvents Manager
John Thorburn

Rebecca Simpson
Harriette Brickell
Maxine McRobbie
Jo Mullins
Waling Kakebeeke
Roses in the garden of the Kuaotunu Hall

Become a Friend of the Hall

From time to time the Committee needs help from the community to get things done - for example working bees, spring cleans, or just an extra pair of hands to tackle an immediate problem.

On these infrequent occasions the Committee reaches out to those people who have volunteered to be Friends of the Hall.

Please sign up here if you would be happy to become a Friend of the Hall - there is no obligation to be available.

* indicates required

Thanks - we couldn't do it without you!

Hall Committee Duties

In addition to being responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building and the land, the Committee also:

  • Prioritises and supports the hall's use by local users and community groups;
  • Promotes the hall as a venue for weddings and other similar functions (such events provide significant revenue which enable the Committee to undertake larger maintenance projects); 
  • Undertakes and supports fundraising activities for the maintenance, repair and preservation of the hall; and
  • Protects and provides a repository for local memorabilia and artefacts that the Committee deems of significance.

Charitable Entity Reg No: CC48231

We would like to thank the following organisations for their ongoing support & funding assistance:


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