Hire Contract

The Hire Contract describes the terms and conditions under which you may hire the Kuaotunu Hall. Please read it carefully.


You must be 18 years or older to hire the hall. You may not sub-let the hall without the permission of the Kuaotunu Hall Committee.


The Kuaotunu Hall Committee reserves the right to vary, cancel or refuse any booking, with reasonable notice, without giving any reason. Deposits paid will be refunded in this instance.


All keys remain the property of the Kuaotunu Hall Committee, and an extra charge of $25 is payable if you do not return the keys at the end of the hire period.

You will be given instructions on how to obtain a key once your booking has been confirmed.


A maximum of 100 people is permitted in the hall at any event or function (where guests are to be seated for the purposes of a meal, the maximum is 80).

No smoking
 is permitted inside the hall (smoking is however permitted outside).

No naked flames (including candles) are permitted inside the hall.

No posters, flyers or stickers are permitted to be affixed to any part of the property, or displayed in the grounds outside, unless prior arrangement has been made with the Kuaotunu Hall Committee.

No nails, screws, hooks, tacks etc are permitted to be driven into any part of the building, including the flooring, for any reason whatsoever without the express permission of the Kuaotunu Hall Committee. Similarly sellotape must not be affixed to the walls or floor, we suggest you use bluetack instead.

Any furniture or equipment brought into the hall must be suitably protected to prevent damage to the floor.

Hall furniture must not be used outside. 

No alteration to the electrical wiring system is to be permitted, arranged or undertaken under any circumstances.

You must allow access to any member of the Kuaotunu Hall Committee, authorised members of the Thames-Coromandel District Council or the NZ Fire Service at all times.

Any damage to the hall building will result in the forfeiture of your bond


Hall furniture may be used indoors only at other locations.


As the hall is in a residential area, please adhere to the following requirements regarding noise and music: 

No speakers outside.

After 10pm please ensure that the back door of the hall (i.e. into the storeroom), and all the windows on the south side of the building (i.e. the kitchen/toilets side) are closed, as this minimises the noise for our neighbours. It is OK to have the front door and the windows on the other side of the hall open.

After 12am (midnight) all amplified music must cease.

Any verified complaints from neighbours regarding disorderly and/or noisy behaviour from the hall building or outside areas will result in the forfeiture of your bond


Signs advertising an event at the hall may be displayed outside the hall only while your event is in progress (special community-wide events may put signs up 2-3 days beforehand).

Banners may be attached to the hall railings, so long as no screws are used or any other method that results in damage to the railings


You must keep exits (the front door, the side door, the door into the back storeroom, and the storeroom doors) clear at all time.


The Kuaotunu Hall Committee will not be liable for any loss occasioned through accident, or failure of the lighting or power.

You will be liable for any damage done to property through the act of yourself and / or any other person who you have permitted to be in the Hall building or on the Hall’s land or to utilise the Hall’s furniture during the period of your hire.


You must leave the hall and facilities in a clean and tidy condition. Cleaning supplies and
equipment are provided. 

Brooms, mops and a vacuum cleaner can be found in the back storeroom.

Sweep all floors, vacuum (using the brush setting) and then wet mop with WARM WATER only.

Wipe down all surface areas in the kitchen including the fridge, oven and cook top.

Wipe out the shelves in the fridge.

Clean the toilets including the wash basins.

Remove all rubbish from within the hall and outside areas (i.e. garden and parking area), and replace the bin liners in the rubbish bins (there is a box of these on the kitchen shelf).

Leaving the hall in an unsatisfactory state may result in the forfeiture of your bond


You must ensure that you lock the hall if you are going to leave it unattended for any period during your hire.

Before you leave the hall for the last time, please:

Return all furniture to its rightful position, as per the floor plan (there is a copy on the hall's noticeboard).

Turn off the water pump in the kitchen

Turn off the heaters and/or the heat pump in the annex (if used).

Lay out the carpet again in the annex (if it had been rolled up during your usage of the hall).

Close all curtains (summertime) or open all curtains (wintertime).

Close and lock all windows.

Close and lock all doors and fire exits.

Return the key to either the lockbox or a Committee member, as advised when your booking was confirmed.

Thank you for respecting our precious hall

We will refund your bond within 10 days of your hire if all of the above conditions have been met


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