Update on the Kuaotunu Library

In April 2017 the Kuaotunu community voted for the creation of a new committee to investigate the practicality and viability of a new site for the Kuaotunu Library. 

Recently however concerns have been raised in the community, primarily through social media channels, about the subsequent decision to site the library at the Domain, and the processes involved. The Library Committee therefore thought it would be appropriate to update the community on all of the steps, processes and decisions that led to this decision:

  • Possible sites listed
  • Hall site preferred
  • Sites narrowed down to the Hall site and the Domain site

  • TCDC advised their preference for the Domain site as this would not require a resource consent
  • Domain site approved by the Library Committee
  • Domain Board advised it will contribute $30,000 to the project
  • Proposal to site library at the Domain outlined
  • Emailed to 265 people
  • Feedback requested
  • Seven positive responses
  • One negative response
  • Attended by over 75 people
  • Update given on proposal to site the library at the Domain
  • Support given by attendees
  • Confirmed contribution of $30,000
  • Noted that Domain Board funds are available for the improvements and/or additions of facilities on land administered by the Domain Board 
  • Support given for proposed library at the Domain
  • TCDC to continue to manage and oversee the site

Having secured all of the necessary approvals from relevant bodies for the change in use of the building at the Domain, the Library Committee has lodged the Building Consent Application for the renovations which, when issued, will allow the Scope of Works and accurate costings to be finalised. 

The Library Committee believes that the site at the Domain is the best option for the following reasons:

No Direct Cost to the Community 

The Domain Board is undertaking the conversion/build on land that they manage, and at their cost. It is envisaged that the full conversion costs will be well within the $30,000 they have allocated, however costings cannot be finalised until building consent has been obtained. Furthermore no Resource Consent is required because it is not a new build.

Short Time Span

Because this is not a complete new build, it should be possible to complete the conversion and associated works in a relatively short time period. This would not be the case with a new building, which would require both resource and building consents, not to mention extensive fund-raising in order to acquire the required funds - by which time TCDC may have withdrawn its funding support for the ongoing operation of the library.

Makes Use of an Under-Utilised Building

Recycling at its best!! 

Infrastructure Already on Site

There is already water, power, parking and toilets at the Domain, and access for disabled people can easily be incorporated as a result of the flat site.

Established Family Destination

The Domain is already an established destination for families, including as it does the tennis courts, new petanque court, sports fields, BBQ, and adjacent Food Forest.  

Improved Visual Appearance

The current building has a very utilitarian style. This will be improved as a result of a new covered verandah and decking, a new central entrance, two large new windows, new painting, and landscaping. 

The Library Committee would like to acknowledge and thank all of the many people who have contacted, phoned and congratulated the Committee for all its efforts to date, and offered their full support. The Committee hopes that it has provided clarification for all those who have had concerns or doubts, and welcomes written enquiries which can be addressed to the chair, Maxine McRobbie.


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