A Reluctant Farewell to the Hall Piano

The piano has been a feature of the Kuaotunu Hall for many years now. However a number of users, especially wedding clients, don’t want the piano in the hall during their event, or want it in a different position, and therefore move it around. 

This wasn't such an issue with the old floor, but as it is a very heavy piece of furniture, moving it would undoubtedly damage the hall's new floor. The Hall Committee considered having the piano bolted to the floor in one position, but felt this was too restrictive.

Given the piano's minimal use (in recent years it has been used for Christmas Carols and perhaps one or two other times each year) the annual cost of tuning it isn’t justified, and no solution has been found to support moving the piano when required without damaging the floor.

After long discussions the Committee has therefore regretfully decided that the piano can no longer live in the Hall, and would like it to go to a member of the Kuaotunu community.

Originally built as a player piano, the roll mechanism has been removed and it is now a normal upright piano.  Its age is not known; it is old and plays like an old piano.  It would make a good first piano for a novice.  If you are interested in acquiring the piano (free of charge), please contact the Hall Committee.


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