Books, Paper, Words, Ink weekend

A highly successful fundraising event opened on October 26th with an exhibition by Phillip Fickling. Hosted by FOLK (Friends of the Library Kuaotunu), this event was organized by Isabel Gilbert Palmer as part of a three day book weekend.

The exhibition continued throughout the weekend with a Hand Mades Altered Books workshop run by Whitianga librarian, Christine Towgood, at the kindergarten, and in the hall, an all ages pop-up book workshop led by Philip Fickling.  Both events were well attended, by adults as well as children.

Saturday night saw the hall full to capacity to listen to Leigh Cunningham interview local artists, authors and photographers. Local creative talent included authors Micheal Smither, Phillip Fickling, Des Hunt and Isabel Gilbert Palmer; photographers Flea Witters, Ian Preece & Gabrielle McKone; poet Dr. Olivia McCassey; spiritualist Verna Carr; and librarian-songwriter Stewart Pedley.


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