A New Floor with a Long History

One of the many treasures of the Hall is the beautiful new kauri floor. Laid in 2017 to replace the old and worn original kauri floor, it is new - but also some 5,000 years old...

This wood is not just kauri, but swamp kauri from a farm close to the Waipoua Forest in Northland. It was only discovered after a pony safely crossed a swamp, striking the timber below with its hooves, causing the owners of the pony to investigate how that could be. The photo below shows the original swampy paddock.

Being curious as to how the pony didn't get its feet wet, the owners investigated, and discovered huge kauri logs deep in the ground.

These logs were excavated, rough sawn, and stored for 20 years before making their way to Kuaotunu to enhance the hall for generations to come.


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